New Dragon Age: Inquisition artworks have been presented

New Dragon Age: Inquisition artworks have been presented by  3827 views

Just a week ago we showed you new images of upcoming action-RPG - Dragon Age III: Inquisition game, - and already today we would like to share another set of fresh pictures.

Thus, recently the project’s developer - BioWare company - has decided to please the fans of its game series and released new Dragon Age: Inquisition artworks. If the last time it showed only a few pictures, then now the developer decided to indulge us, having presented nine fresh game’s images. On the new pictures you can see a lot of locations - places that you will have to visit in the searching for the associates and in order to destroy the evil forces. Most of them are dark and frightening - the abandoned castles, the dilapidated buildings, the eerie dungeons and the sinister forests. But obviously the developers (or rather, the artists) have specially created such gloomy locations that could convey the tone of the game’s world in which the terror and chaos have settled everywhere. But in order you are able to personally verify it, we suggest you looking at fresh Dragon Age: Inquisition artworks, published below. Enjoy them and do not forget to leave your comments at the bottom of the page.


Dragon Age III: Inquisition game is being developed for PC, current and next-gen consoles. This project is scheduled to be released sometime in fall 2014.