New CoD: Black Ops 2 DLC was announced

New CoD: Black Ops 2 DLC was announced by  8685 views

Yesterday Activision officially announced new CoD: Black Ops 2 DLC - Vengeance. This add-on will consist of four maps for multiplayer mode and one brand-new map with zombies. Also the game's fans will get a new weapon for killing living deads.

CoD: Black Ops 2 DLC will give players the chance to fight on five interesting maps that propose different strategies and battles. Let's check them all.

Cove map is presented by the rocky island somewhere in the Indian ocean. This location is full of rocks and trees, and you can use them to hide and flank. The best strategy here is to push the team of enemies to the center and then attack.


Detour map is a long multi-tier bridge, and the opponents will be struggling for it. The battles here will be set on different levels, and each level has its features.


Rush map shows how the paintball may look like in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 universe. Using various environments, you can plan your battle. This map is for players who like fast and active fighting.


Uplink map is a rebirth of Summit map from Black Ops. Here you will be fighting for the control facility in the center of Myanmar.


Buried map is set in the underground of an Old West town. Here you will meet four characters, and each of them will have its exciting story and will be killing armies of zombies. To succeed, you can use the upgraded Mark II - very cool and powerful ray gun.


New CoD: Black Ops 2 DLC is coming on the 2nd of July for Xbox 360, and the owners of other platforms will get it a little bit later. While you are waiting, we would like to present you the developer preview about new add-on and also advise our CoD: Black Ops 2 tips that will help you in a multiplayer game.