New BlueStreak game from Cliff Bleszinski has been announced

New BlueStreak game from Cliff Bleszinski has been announced by  2519 views

Recently, the new BlueStreak game, which is being developed by Boss Key Productions company and its head, the famous game designer - Cliff Blezsinski, - has been announced. Let us remind you that Cliff is known for his successful work on Gears of War.

According to the information, published at Blezsinski’s Twitter account, the BlueStreak game will be a free-to-play shooter with some sci-fi elements. As Cliff has said, this project is planned to be compared with such legendary series as Quake and Unreal Tournament. For the current moment, the BlueStreak game is being created exclusively for PC. But who knows, probably, it will be available on the consoles in the future.

Besides that, the BlueStreak game will be published by the South Korean studio - Nexon, - which has successfully launched many world-known projects: Counter-Strike Online, Dota 2, MapleStory, etc. “No one knows the free-to-play market better than Nexon, which is why they were the obvious partner to publish BlueStreak. It's a game and concept I think will really resonate with players who have been clamoring for a new take on an old favorite. After all, I've had a year and a half to plan it”, - Bleszinski has noticed.


Now, these details are all that we know about the new BlueStreak game. But the developers have promised to answer the gamers’ questions today in the evening and reveal some more information about the shooter’s plot and features.

So, what do you think about the new BlueStreak game? Are you interested in it?