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 Shooter,  First-person shooter
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08 Aug 2017  Worldwide
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Autumn has come, but some things stayed the same. GameSpace team has prepared a traditional news digest, so you can find out about the most important events in the world of video games and movie industry for the past week.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2015-09-04 5320 views

A calendar on the wall shows the last Friday of August. It means that the hottest and the most active season in the world of video games and movie industry is coming.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2015-08-28 5946 views

Yesterday, Cliff Bleszinski and his Boss Key Productions studio officially announced their new creation, the first teaser of which we showed you a few days ago. LawBreakers game (called earlier as Project BlueStreak) is being developed in the post-apocalyptic free-to-play shooter genre.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2015-08-27 3434 views