New Battlefield 4 trailer shows the multiplayer mode

New Battlefield 4 trailer shows the multiplayer mode by  4830 views

Multiplayer mode always was the most important part of Battlefield series, and this year it also looks great, immense and exciting. Today the developers have presented the new Battlefield 4 trailer, in which you can see the beauty and the power of this online competition.


The Battlefield 4 trailer demonstrates short gameplay scenes and is accompanied by the commentaries from the developers. From the voice-over we get to know that in Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode you will be able to choose your own style of playing, fighting alone or with a faithful team. The mode will be extremely various, because you will be able to take part in a war on 10 different maps and in 7 versatile modes. Each map will require its own style of playing, because on some of them you will get very intensive close battle, and on the other ones - the large-scale war.

The brand-new Levolution feature also detailed in the Battlefield 4 trailer, will allow you to change the appearance of the map, destroying and breaking almost every piece of the environment, including high skyscrapers. Also you will be able to fight on the land, on the sea and in the air, compete with your friends and customize your vehicles and weapons. To find out more about the multiplayer mode of this great shooter, watch the newly released Battlefield 4 trailer:

Yesterday we reported about other interesting Battlefield 4 videos and game's beta. And today we want to add that Battlefield 4 beta will start on the 1st of October for the owners of Battlefield 4 Deluxe Edition, premium members of the Battlefield 3 club and those who have bought the limited or the deluxe edition of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The other gamers will get Battlefield 4 beta on the 4th of October.