Has new Batman: Arkham Knight release date been leaked?

Has new Batman: Arkham Knight release date been leaked? by  2647 views

Last week, we told you about the leak of the alleged GTA 5 launch date (on PC and next-gen consoles), which appeared on Amazon.com, and today we are going to reveal the release date of another anticipated project - Batman: Arkham Knight.

Only two weeks ago, the developers of this exciting action-adventure announced the project’s delay, the launch of which was scheduled for October 2014. They justified this decision by the fact that the game is really huge and ambitious, so lots of its elements need to be developed well and polished. But they didn’t reveal the new launch date of the project.

The fresh alleged Batman: Arkham Knight release date has been told by an unexpected side. Thus, Kevin Conroy - the actor, who has been voicing Batman during many years, - has told in an interview with Groovey.TV when the last instalment in the series will hit the stores. According to Conroy, who also takes part in the creation of this game, Batman: Arkham Knight release date is planned for January 2015. And in order you are able to verify this information, we suggest you watching the interview with Kevin Conroy, in which he tells how he began to voice Batman 22 years ago, about his current work on the project and his game’s impressions. Enjoy!

We’d like to remind you that Batman: Arkham Knight will be launched on PC and next-gen consoles.

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