Fresh Batman: Arkham Knight details - Green Arrow will appear in the game? (rumor)

Fresh Batman: Arkham Knight details - Green Arrow will appear in the game? (rumor) by  3663 views

The upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game has recently got lots of rumors and speculations, and today’s information about the project, which we would like to tell you, is also an unconfirmed one.

Fresh Batman: Arkham Knight details concern the appearance of one very interesting character - Green Arrow - in the game. The information that this hero from DC universe will be presented in the final instalment of Batman: Arkham series has come from the dialogue in Twitter between Stephen Amell - a Canadian actor, who plays the abovementioned character in The CW series Arrow, - and one of his fan. She has asked him, on which project he is going to work in the near future, and Amell has answered: “I’m voicing Green Arrow for a popular video game franchise tomorrow”.


You may assume, of course, that he is talking about some other game, but the majority of journalists thinks that this answer is about Batman: Arkham Knight. As for us, we will consider this information as rumor until the project’s developers confirm or deny it.

These are very interesting Batman: Arkham Knight details, but further Amell’s messages hint at another one project, entitled Grand Theft Auto: Starling City, the protagonist of which will be Green Arrow, and the game itself will be based on the popular GTA franchise. It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?