Far Cry 4 has been teased?

Far Cry 4 has been teased? by  9438 views

Far Cry 4 is a dark horse of Ubisoft. Almost everyone in the gaming community thinks that the project is already under development, but nobody knows the Far Cry 4 release date or any details for sure. Today we have got another one hint at this anticipated game - something like the promo image. Or not.

Duuro.net has published an interesting image that seems to be related to Far Cry 4. The picture describes someone, who looks like Vaas, but this man is sitting in the ward of the mental asylum. There are a lot of inscriptions all over the walls of the ward, but the most interesting one is in the bottom right corner. It consists of "Far Cry 4" and "The insanity is back" sentences that clearly hint at the next instalment in this popular Ubisoft's series. But it is better to see the picture than to read about it, so enjoy:


However, the gamers, who have played Far Cry 3, must know that Vaas - one of the game's antagonists - can't return in the new instalment for some reasons that we don't want to spoil. But Vaas was an extremely popular character, when Far Cry 3 was released, so maybe Ubisoft decided to reveal his own story in the next game.

Neither Duuro.net, nor even Google has the answers, so this image may be just a fan art and might have no relation to the Far Cry 4. And what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.