Far Cry 3 preview

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The temperature outside is now getting lower and lower, and in some places winter approaching very fast, and so almost everywhere, everywhere except the island on which the Far Cry 3 events will unfold.

First of all, you should get acquainted with the game’s bad guys. Vaas and Buck, we were talking about earlier - the main antagonists and complete psychopaths. As for them, one of the developers of Dan Hay:

"It is difficult to distinguish between madness and insanity. Madness - it is a moment or a single action. Madness - it is rather a plan, motivation, intention"

Also, everyone who was involved in the project, didn’t expect that some of the gameplay elements will be so well-made and interesting that they can spend a lot of time in the game.

"We want to ride the different modes of transport in our game was really fun. Player to be able to speed stronger tighten handbrake, fit into the turn and still get to enjoy the journey. Or accelerate the car to a decent speed jump from a cliff "

But there’s not only endless crowds of enemies willing to kill, destroy, and sometimes even eat our character, but also some new supporters and friends. First is the sister of Vaas and concurrently the leader of a local tribe. In addition to it, we will meet the adventure-researcher  Denis, which not only helps us, but throw a couple of interesting and lucrative jobs. But actually they do:

Online co-op mode will be presented new history. The four characters will get to the island for six months prior to the main storyline and meet virtually all game characters throughout their difficult mission.

No cost to the public without special edition, which is rich in the modern market. Insane Edition adds two missions of about 40 minutes of gameplay and a laser gun for multiplayer.