Far Cry 3 madness!

Far Cry 3 madness! by  6211 views
You live in the jungle .. You die in the jungle ... It does not matter who you are or how did you get to the island ... If you don’t be finished off by foot journey through the thickets and lianas ... If you don’t be bitten by the poisoned snake or spider ... If you don’t be eaten by a wild animal or trampled by herd... There are always Men, many of them worse than a hungry tiger. Meet - the main antagonists of the game and complete sadists by nature - Vaasa and Buck.

Vaasa - our main enemy that has killed hero's friends and imprisoned his girlfriend. His monomaniacal desire to kill and inflict pain keeps all supporters around him at bay, because they fear death less than they fear their boss.


Buck - unlike Vaasa is not a native of the island, but that does not stop him madden his victims and intimidate them literally to death. But he's just a mercenary, often used by a very influential slave and the drug dealer, for particularly "dirty" cases.
He will promise you to return your dear Kate, if you do a little business for him - bring a priceless ancient knife  from the Indians that live on the island. But do not trust him because shine in his eyes did not bode well.

And next time we will talk about the Indians, and how they will help to find the hero’s true inner strength.