Dragonborn DLC for TES 5: Skyrim is out today

Dragonborn DLC for TES 5: Skyrim is out today by  7776 views
Today a new story addition to The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim have been published. Interesting story, which begins with an attack the Miraaka cultists, will lead us to the island of Solstheim, where some of us have already visited in TES 3: Bloodmoon.

We have to find out about a mysterious cult and its leader - the first he Dragonborn. In addition to the main storyline you will have the opportunity to become a werewolf, went in search of nocturnal clan brothers rocks Frostmoon Crag. We also will see both new and known enemies, including mercenaries from the Morag Tong Guild.


Gameplay is a capacity for 10 hours of plot time + 20 hours to explore the island and getting different achievements, as an example:

• Open 30 unique locations on the island Solstheim and get the title "Solstheim Explorer»;
• Find out what secrets are kept five black books, to get the title "The secret knowledge»;
• learn three words in a scream Dragon Aspect of the same name and get the achievement;
• the title of "Horseman" you get if you tame and traveled five dragons.


The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Dragonborn is out today exclusively for Xbox 360 but PC and PS3 versions will be released in early 2013.
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