Dragon Age: Inquisition game has got new concept art

Dragon Age: Inquisition game has got new concept art by  4109 views

Dragon Age: Inquisition game - the next instalment in Dragon Age series, developed in RPG genre, - has recently got fresh concept art.

Although the project has been under development since the end of 2011, but so far there haven’t been, unfortunately, a lot of news about it. That’s why the appearance of a fresh game’s picture will rejoice the fans of the series for sure. On the new concept art you can see one of the future  game’s locations - a submerged ancient elven city - Arlathan, - which is situated in an incredibly beautiful area.


“Here lies the abyss, the well of all souls. From these emerald waters doth life begin anew. And thus was mighty Arlathan cast down, its people swallowed by darkness – never to rise again.” 

In addition we would like to show you two more game’s concept arts, which appeared in the network a bit earlier, but weren’t published on our site. Thus, on two pictures, presented below, you see new locations - another one ruined ancient city and a very beautiful wildwood.


We hope that these images have helped you to imagine, how the upcoming fantasy game will look like. In the meantime, we are reminding that Dragon Age: Inquisition game is being developed by Canadian studio - BioWare - and should be launched this fall for PC, the current and next-gen consoles. Here you will be the head of Inquisition, whose main goal is to eradicate the evil in the lands of Thedas. You'll travel through a huge fantasy game’s world, unravel lots of mysteries, gather the people for your organization and, of course, fight against the evil.