DICE has told about the sound of Battlefield 4

DICE has told about the sound of Battlefield 4 by  5319 views

The great modern next-gen game should be not only the virtual project, it needs to create the feeling that you are inside it, and everything is real. To reach this level, the developers are working on physics and graphics, but the sound is also very important. In Battlefield 4 it was created really carefully.

Today DICE has introduced us to the audio team that works on Battlefield 4, and told about its important job. The sound of Battlefield 4 includes over a million of audio files. The splashes of naval battles, the various audio for destructions in Levolution mode, different tracks for numerous weapons used in this shooter, the voices and a plenty of other sounds will be featured in the game. Almost everything that you will hear in Battlefield 4 has been recorded, because the developers are sure that only natural voices, shouts, tones, but not the ones that were created on the computer, can give the player the perfect experience.

To see how the audio team at DICE were recording various sounds of Battlefield 4, watch the video that has appeared in the game's official blog today:

And on this photo you can see those DICE's employees, who worked on the audio in the game:


Here is another photography - the team that shouts on the battle field. Those voices have been carefully recorded and now Battlefield 4 characters sound like them: