Call of Duty: Ghosts game has got another trailer

Call of Duty: Ghosts game has got another trailer by  6089 views

Last week we informed you about a new multiplayer map for the upcoming first-person shooter - Call of Duty: Ghosts, and today we want to please you with a fresh video revealing us a new set of game modes.

So, yesterday Activision company, the publisher of Call of Duty game series, released new CoD: Ghost trailer, in which the developers told us what Squads is. According to them, it's a whole new level of competition in the game, which allows gamers to test their forces in this shooter, creating their own teams, each member of which can be personalized and changed. In Squads you can play in different modes: Squad Assault, Squad vs Squad, Safeguard, Safeguard Extended, Safeguard Infinite, Wargame. For example, in Wargame  mode your own squad of soldiers will fight against AI-controlled bots, in Squad Assault (co-op mode) you and up to 5 of your friends will be able to challenge the squad of offline players (AI-controlled bots). In other modes, you will fight against the team of different gamers, or challenge yourself in a cooperative survival mode, checking how long you will last against waves of enemy based on your strategy, your style of fighting and your customized soldiers. But the most important thing is that the whole experience gained in Squads will be connected to your multiplayer progress, and the bots will earn your XP-bonuses while you are away. If you want to know what else you’ll be able to do in this new set of modes, watch fresh CoD: Ghost trailer.

Call of Duty: Ghosts game will be released for the current generation of consoles and PC on November 5, 2013.