Bethesda is teasing gamers with the new project

Bethesda is teasing gamers with the new project by  4437 views
The oddities began late last week, when the company released an official announcement that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ development is finished, and the whole team is now busy with a new, unique project. A few days later (yesterday) Bethesda released two mini-trailers that can be references to the new game, although to be honest it's more like a set of psychedelic pictures.

According to the developers’ statements, this project reached the point of development where the last joint effort is necessary for its successful completion. It's not clear what the publisher will show us, but there are a few interesting versions.

The head of the company, Pin Hines, a few months ago said that this year will be much more intensive and will bring many more announcements than the 2012. A vice-president of Bethesda via twitter has told that this time it’s, unfortunately, not Fallout, which is being waiting for by the majority of players.

And we can only hope that our (for each it’s own) favorite game will be announced in the near future. I'm really looking forward to Fallout 4, and what about you?