Battlefield Hardline game has been officially announced

Battlefield Hardline game has been officially announced by  3643 views

The good news for the fans of Battlefield series! The next instalment in this franchise - Battlefield Hardline game - has been officially announced.

Yesterday, some information about the first Battlefield Hardline details, the alleged project’s logo, the pictures of its awards, equipment, weapons and vehicles were leaked. 


And a bit later EA company, having understood that the non-disclosure of other information about this project after such a big leak is futile, has decided to announce Battlefield Hardline game officially and told some details of this upcoming shooter. Thus, according to Steve Papoutsis - vice-president at Visceral Games (a company which is involved in the project’s development), - Battlefield Hardline game is a beginning of a brand new series in the Battlefield franchise. It will tell the story about the eternal war between cops and criminals. This information may be also proved by the picture on the official game’s site, on which the armed robbery of some bank and SWAT car are depicted. Besides it, Papoutsis has told that the launch of the project will take place already this fall, and more information about this shooter will be tell during Electronic Arts press-conference at E3 on the 9th of June. So stay tuned.


As for platforms, on which Battlefield Hardline game will be released, according to the numerous rumors (but so far not official information), there will be PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.