The next Battlefield Hardline patch will fix the most requested bugs

The next Battlefield Hardline patch will fix the most requested bugs by  3413 views

Electronic Arts company has presented a list of five bugs, which will be fixed by the next Battlefield Hardline patch. According to the studio’s representatives, the developers have listened to the gamers’ feedbacks and have chosen the most requested problems.

So, firstly, the upcoming Battlefield Hardline patch will correct the troubles with Nvidia DirectX drivers, which have become the reasons of the numerous crashes. Besides, some adjustments will be brought to the Punkbuster system. Also, the next Battlefield Hardline patch will change the weapon balance and the respawn system a bit. And finally, the future update will extend the duration of matches in the Conquest mode.

The shooter’s lead multiplayer designer - Thaddeus Sasser - has asked the players, whose remarks or complaints aren’t included into the announced Battlefield Hardline patch, not to worry. The game’s creators try to do their best every day in order to fix as many bugs as possible and improve the shooter’s gameplay.

By the way, along with the new Battlefield Hardline patch, Electronic Arts will launch the Rent-A-Server program for this project. It’s already being used in another instalment of the popular series - Battlefield 4. This program allows the gamers to rent a server, adjust the settings of the multiplayer matches and play with friends.

Are you waiting for the next Battlefield Hardline patch? Which bugs have you found in this shooter?