Battlefield 4 gameplay videos appeared in the network

Battlefield 4 gameplay videos appeared in the network by  5728 views

Recently EA has held a play session in Los Angeles, where Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode has been revealed. And after this event lots of different Battlefield 4 gameplay videos appeared in the network. If you want to know, how the game's multiplayer will actually look like, then you should watch our set of trailers.

All Battlefield 4 gameplay videos were recorded using new Spectator Mode - the game's feature that allows capturing the footage from your own game. Most of the them show the game with its highest graphics settings, and all of them demonstrate the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 4.

On the first video you can understand, how it feels dropping with the parachute.

On the second Battlefield 4 multiplayer video you can see the collapse of the skyscraper.

This video shows you how to use the laser sight.

In the fourth Battlefield 4 gameplay video the character is swimming.

What do you think about Battlefield 4 gameplay? Does it look similar to the previous game's part? Are you going to buy and play Battlefield 4 in October? Write everything you think about this game in the comments below!