Battlefield 4 gameplay videos and weapons

Battlefield 4 gameplay videos and weapons by  7078 views

Today the exclusive Battlefield 4 beta has started, and already now we have lots of footage captured from it as well as fresh news and details. If you are not going to play beta or still is waiting for your turn, then it will be interesting for you to see how it actually looks like.

Spectator Mode allows capturing the footage easily and even helps to create artistic Battlefield 4 gameplay videos. This fact has been proved by wovnHD Youtube user, who has published stunning trailer with beautiful game's landscapes and collapsing environment. The beauty of Battlefield 4 can be evaluated here:

The next video we are going to show you is not so spectacular, but it shows the actual Battlefield 4 gameplay. Here you can see the Domination Mode of the game in action. To learn more about Battlefield 4 modes and maps, read our previous article.

The third Battlefield 4 gameplay video shows the very intriguing moment. BombGeek Youtube user has managed to steal a chopper. If you want to know how, watch the video below:

Also we would like to show you the amount of weapons that are available in Battlefield 4 and have been published via Reddit today:


Are you playing Battlefield 4 beta? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments below.