Battlefield 4 game will get Double XP Launch Weekend

Battlefield 4 game will get Double XP Launch Weekend by  5626 views

If you haven't pre-ordered Battlefield 4 game yet, you can get a great chance to do it. GAME has announced interesting promotion, according to which you will be able to buy not only the game itself, but also the access to Double XP event and several exclusive items.

Everyone who will pre-order Battlefield 4 game from GAME retailer, will get a pack of awesome bonuses. Thus, you will be able to participate in Double XP Launch Weekend, which means that you will be getting the doubled experience and scores during any battle in Battlefield 4 during the first weekend after the game's launch. So long as this offer is announced for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, the weekend of Double XP will last from the second till the third of November. And after you will be able to enjoy special Gold Battlepack that unlocks different multiplayer items, physical Battlefield 4 dog tags and the kit for Battlefield 3 that unlocks all upgrades for air transport.


Also in an exclusive interview with Videogamer the game's producer - Patrick Bach - has mentioned that Battlefield 4 will look best on the PC, but not on the next generation of consoles. And this news is not really good for PC users, because it means that the system requirements of the future project will be rather high.