Battlefield 4 beta was detailed

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EA has published the new video, in which Patrick Bach - the executive producer of Battlefield 4 - is talking about the details of the game's beta. The open Battlefield 4 beta starts on the 4th of October, but premium members will get the opportunity to join the testing a little bit earlier - on the 1st of October.


The details of Battlefield 4 beta were revealed during the video interview of Patrick Bach. It became known that the gamers will be able to try the game on the only one, but very big map - Siege of Shanghai. Two modes - Conquest and Domination - will be available for testers. Battlefield 4 beta will be held on the current generation of consoles and PC, but the developers are planning to implement all changes the gamers will offer not only on these platforms, but on the next generation of consoles too.

The developers hope that the community will find a lot of different possibilities to upgrade the game, and although Battlefield 4 will be released very soon - at the end of October - they are going to make many updates to create really interesting and full-fledged project. Also Patrick Bach has mentioned that the team is going to continue improving Battlefield 4 even during the months after the official launch.

To find out more interesting information about Battlefield 4 beta, watch the newly released video that appeared on the official EA channel two hours ago: