Battlefield 4 Battlelog was detailed

Battlefield 4 Battlelog was detailed by  8433 views

Battlelog is a free social platform for Battlefield fans that allows you to meet people, compete with them and plan your next games from the web-browser. Battlefield 4 Battlelog will be able to make all these things and a little bit more.

Today the developers have revealed the trailer that describes new features of this platform.


The main idea of the new Battlelog is to bring mobile devices to the game. Now you will be able to login to the system from your tablet or mobile phone while you are waiting for the bus after work and have some free time without the computer. You will be able to choose a server, to check your weapons or stats, and when finally you will be able to play, everything will be prepared for the game. Also tablet can be used as a second screen in the Battlefield 4. The best way to use it is to make a mini-map from your mobile device.

Also in Battlefield 4 Battlelog you will be able to create missions for your friends and compete with any Battlefield fan in the world. For more information watch Battlelog trailer that was published a few minutes ago: