Batman: Arkham remastered edition has got some new information (Rumor)

Batman: Arkham remastered edition has got some new information (Rumor) by  2428 views

The first rumors about the possible Batman: Arkham remastered edition, which might include the upgraded Arkham City and Arkham Asylum games, appeared at the end of this March following the postponement of the Arkham Knight’s release date. Let us remind you that the launch of the final instalment in the series is set for June 23rd. And recently, the latest information about this project has appeared online. However, it’s not officially confirmed yet.

As one of the NeoGAF users - Sangetsu-II - has reported, Rocksteady studio is really preparing Batman: Arkham remastered edition. The survey from the developers, the details of which have leaked online, has become the proof of it. According to the screenshots published by Sangetsu-II, the studio wants to know how interested in the updated versions of Arkham City and Arkham Asylum the players are.


As it’s mentioned in the message, the future Batman: Arkham remastered edition will include the improved graphics, textures and visual effects as well as all additional content of two abovementioned games.

Nextly, Sangetsu-II has made the screenshots of two more questions from Rocksteady. In one of them, the developers ask the players to choose the concept art for the cover of the Batman: Arkham remastered edition:


And the last question concerns the title of the future collection. Thus, among the suggested names there are the following ones:

  • Batman: Arkham Anthology;
  • Batman: Absolute Arkham;
  • Batman: Arkham Legacy;
  • Batman: Arkham Masterpiece Collection;
  • Batman: Arkham Remastered.

Let us remind you that the information about the forthcoming Batman: Arkham remastered edition published by Sangetsu-II is neither confirmed nor denied currently. Both Rocksteady and WB Games - the publisher of the series - haven’t given any comments on these rumors. And what do you think about them? Which title would you choose?