All Battlefield 4 modes and maps were revealed

All Battlefield 4 modes and maps were revealed by  6105 views

To prepare the fans for Battlefield 4 beta the developers have shown and detailed all 7 modes of the upcoming shooter and announced 10 maps that you will be able to explore here. Some of them will be playable during the beta, but to experience the main part, you need to wait until the game's release date.

Conquest game mode that also will be available in Battlefield 4 beta is a mixing of vehicle combats. Here you will be able to fight against the enemies using tanks, boats and air transport. The main goal is to capture the flags, kill the opponents and zero the enemies' respawn tickets.


Domination game mode is designed for 20 players and will be available for beta testers. There will be no vehicles, but the tasks will be the same. This mode is one of the fastest in Battlefield 4.

The next game mode - Obliteration - is the most explosive, because here your main task will be to find the bomb faster than the opposite team and to drop it off at the enemies' objects. After one team has detonated the bomb, the new explosive appears on the map. To get it faster than your enemies, you will need to use some vehicles or just run. The Obliteration game mode is the brand-new one in the Battlefield series.


The second new game mode is Defuse, in which there will be two teams of 5 players and each of them will have only one life. Defuse brings very intensive close combat, and to win here you will need to destroy all enemies or to detonate the military object.

In Team Deathmatch game mode you and your teammates will need to reach the certain number of kills. It is a perfect shooting experience that came to Battlefield 4 from the previous instalments in the series.


Squad Deathmatch mode is almost the same as Team Deathmatch one, but here the developers have doubled the number of teams. To win, you need to reach the preset number of kills faster than three other teams.

Rush game mode is also familiar to Battlefield fans. Here there are two teams - attackers and defenders - and the first team should find and destroy all 6 opponents' stations, while the second one should zero all respawn tickets of their enemies before its station will be destroyed.


Besides Battlefield 4 modes the developers have teased the game's maps, but have detailed only one - Zavod 311. Here the players will fight on the abandoned Soviet tank factory, which is overgrown by trees and bushes. It will be extremely hard to use vehicles here, but the landscape looks really wonderful:


The detailed description of other 6 Battlefield 4 maps is coming on the 29th of October, but the pictures of these maps were leaked to the network. You can see the full list of them and the first illustrations below:

Siege of Shanghai


Paracel Storm


Operation Locker


Golmud Railway


These five maps - Lancang Dam, Flood Zone, Rogue Transmission, Hainan Resort and Dawnbreaker - were also revealed, but we don’t know, which illustrations belong to them, yet.