A complete set of virtual reality in your house!

A complete set of virtual reality in your house! by  3528 views
In order to go to the fantastic journey through the worlds of the favorite games you do not need to invent a time machine or borrow the Dolores from Professor. Now you can just order the Oculus Rift + Virtuix Omnidirectional VR Treadmill and turn off the phone.

Oculus Rift - is the most advanced and the most realistic helmet of virtual reality. This project started on Kickstarter with a small team of enthusiasts, and now the new extended team of professionals under the strict guidance of Gabe Newell is working on it .

Virtuix Omnidirectional - is a unique multi directional treadmill. This device will help you not only to discover the new worlds, but also to stay fit!

This tandem is ideal for those who want the maximal deep dive into the world of games. The helmet is not only two monitors with total resolution of 1280x720 and also a set of sensors which react to the movement of your head. Your view is 90° to 110°, and the radius of movement is unlimited, as the track has a border that will not let you fall.

Unfortunately, these devices are available only for game developers so far, who have been creating the virtual reality functional in their games. Oculus Rift is now available for pre-order, and Virtuix Omnidirectional VR Treadmill will become available approximately in late 2013 - early 2014.