What do we know about GTA 5?

What do we know about GTA 5? by  6987 views

More than 25 million people have bought GTA 4. This game became a legend between gamers, and still it has 98 from 100 score on Metacritic. Now Rockstar Games is developing new version of Grand Theft Auto, and the developers are sure that they are creating not a next game in the famous series, but fascinating new action with amazing functionality. Will it really be so cool and innovative? In our GTA 5 preview we are going to find out the truth.


The story is again about robberies and hard gangsters' life. In the game we will be able to take part in 6 immense heists, spend almost 25 hours on the main missions, try yourself in different side quests and mini-games and come to unexpected finale that will depend on your decisions. In GTA V there are three protagonists, and you will be able to control them almost simultaneously. The missions and story is single for all characters, and during the gaming process you will need to switch between the heroes.


The first protagonist is Michael - the former robber, that has a lot of money and is completely unable to get on with his wife and two children. Trevor is his best friend, and he is a rude and disgusting addict, that is also has plenty of experience in robberies. Franklin is young and gifted bandit, and he completes this strange company. Each one has special abilities, so together they are really invincible. For example, in one of the first missions this team will be robbing the office building. To get to this place they will be using a plane, and Trevor will be a pilot. Michael - as the most smart among the gangsters - will be opening the safe, and Franklin will be providing the sniper support, sitting on the top of the skyscraper.


Not only the main characters, but also pedestrians will become much more various and unpredictable. On the streets of beautiful Los Santos you will meet mimes and acrobats, random citizens, people in trouble and people that need your help. The artificial intelligence of random characters will be smarter than in previous games, so, hope, we will enjoy these endless meetings.


Los Santos - the city of GTA 5 - also has been changed and expanded. Here you will be able to lie on the beach, to visit wine village, to walk along the country side, to climb the mountain, to look at the military base, to drive along the magnificent streets of the city and explore the bottom of the ocean. Also the number of transports' types was significantly increased, so in GTA 5 you will be able to drive BMX, mountain bike, road bike, motorcycle, various cars and trucks, helicopter, plane, quadracycle, water scooter and, maybe, something more.


In the periods between the showy robberies, you will be able, as usual, play, talk and buy a lot of things. The developers promised, that you will be able to spend the money in the game, but what exactly you will be able to buy, remains unknown. The TV-set and phone will be available in the game, and the developers updated these devices. Also they created plenty of full-fledged mini-games, for example, golf, yoga and tennis.


Also Rockstar Games announced, that in GTA 5 we will be able to play in the multiplayer mode, but still we have no details about it. It is only known, that there is a separate development team, that works on online game.


The music now plays an important role in the game. It is not only a background, it is the way to emphasize the events in GTA 5. The developers are sure that all these things together will create really magnificent atmosphere that will be really close to the reality. And it is not the end: as Dan Houser told in his interview for The New York Times, Rockstar is still "...editing, fixing, removing, replacing, adding avidly". Hope, they will succeed.


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