Top-13 the best Halloween games

Top-13 the best Halloween games by  5667 views

The scariest night of the year is coming, but you still have no plans, how to spend it? We'd like to advise you our set of the most frighten video games with perfect atmosphere and extreme tension that fit Halloween night greatly. By the way, Steam store announced fantastic rebates on almost all games in our list, so tonight is the best time for the gaming horror.

13. I Am Alive


The premiere of 2012 - I Am Alive game - is the story about a man, who has lost his family in the depressing post-apocalyptic world. The scariest thing in the game is the atmosphere of total sorrow and dejection, where your hero has to survive despite all cruel wild people, limited energy and lack of ammo.

12. The Secret World


Another one this year game - The Secret World - takes us to the alternative universe, where every character of horror novels and stories exists. You are becoming the part of world-wide plot and have to fight against mystic creatures together with the team of your order. This game will be perfect for the gamers' party, because it is better to play in it with the company.

11. They Bleed Pixels


While looking at the screenshot from They Bleed Pixels game, it is hard to believe that this one was released in 2012. This action-platformer game returns us to the perfect times of 16-bit consoles, and here you are a little charming girl with blood-stained claws instead of hands that is trying to kill every creature in gruesome 2D-world.

10. Alan Wake


Alan Wake is the first-person psychological horror game that was developed in 2010 by Finnish Remedy Entertainment company. The protagonist of the game is a thriller writer, who suddenly finds himself in the heart of his own unwritten story. The most important thing in Alan Wake game is the light, that symbolizes hope and helps our hero. We are sure that after this game you won't be able to turn off the night-lamp.

9. Closure


Closure is another one interesting game about the power of light and darkness, that was released in 2012. In this puzzler walls, floor and moving objects exist only when they are lightened by small glowing ball. To pass this game you need to find the way of light and finally get out from the mysterious dark room.

8. The Walking Dead


The forefather of this role-playing horror adventure is a comic book, that tells about zombie-apocalypse. The Walking Dead game is divided into five episodes: first one started in the beginning of 2012 and the last one will be available in a month or two. But we advise you to start from the fourth episode, because only on Halloween you can almost for free download The Walking Dead game thanks to the great rebates on Steam.

7. Dead Space


The story of Dead Space game moves us to the open space of far 2507 year, where you will be like in the Alien movie. Lot of mutated humans are going to kill you, and there is no hope for help. Also in this dark, mysterious and gory place, that is isolated from the whole world, you are still hearing the voice of your dead girlfriend. Is it madness or maybe you have the chance to survive?

6. Amnesia: Dark Descent


You are awakening in the strange castle. You are in Prussia of 19-th century. You can't remember anything, but you know that somebody hunts you. Amnesia: Dark Descent is a perfect survival horror, where you have no weapon, you are locked in the dark terrible place and you hear the inevitable breath of death. How to survive and hide from gory monsters? Run!

5. Plants vs. Zombies


Of course, Halloween is a scary holiday, but also it is a holiday, so let's forget about frightening games and have some fun. In Plants vs. Zombies game you have to protect your home from dangerous zombies, planting beautiful and warlike flowers. On Halloween the chance to work at the farm costs only $1,5 on Steam, so only now you can almost for free download Plants vs. Zombies and enjoy this fascinating tower defense game.

4. Resident Evil 2


In 1998 the icon of survival horror genre - Resident Evil series - acquired the most famous its game - Resident Evil 2. This one is full of zombies, monsters, viruses and blood, and you have the limited number of ammo to destroy your mystic enemies and survive in this dark chaos. But if you think, that the game released in 1998 is not scary anymore, you can play the newest part of the series - Resident Evil 6, that was released on the first of October, 2012.

3. Silent Hill 2


The baker's dozen years ago the first game from Silent Hill series was released, and two years after the most famous and terrible Silent Hill 2 game began to conquer the world. Misty and mysterious Silent Hill town is waiting for new victim, and now James - inconsolable widower - is trying to find his happiness here. In this game you are balancing on the blade, you experiencing the full set of emotions and trying not to go mad in the atmosphere of total sorrow and horror. This game will be never out of date.

2. Bioshock


In this shocking game, that was released in 2007, you are getting into utopia deep under the water. The scientists here tried to create perfect invulnerable people, but in fact almost everyone mutated and turned into dangerous and merciless stinkers. Would you kindly destroy everything you will see before you understand that you are controllable and doomed? And hurry up - only today you can download Bioshock game for $3 from Steam store.

1. Half-Life 2


The cult science fiction first-person shooter with the terrible atmosphere of your insignificance is on top in our Halloween list of the scariest video games. In Half-Life 2 you are getting into totalitarian City 17, where you are the only one person able to fight against government and alien creatures. The tension and fear is growing after every minute, so with Half-Life 2 game your night will be really scary. If it is not enough, you can try the novelty of September, 2012 - Black Mesa game - remake on the first version of Half-Life, developed on the Source engine.