The best June game releases

The best June game releases by  8858 views

The first month of summer will be hot not only in the streets, but also at home near your PC or console, because in June we are going to see a lot of new exciting and anticipated games. We suggest you to look at the most interesting June game releases and choose the one you like most.

Remember Me

The list of the best June game releases starts with Remember Me - new anticipated science-fiction project from the well-known Capcom studio. This time the developers are going to move us to Neo-Paris - fantastic city of the future, in which every citizen has a special chip and keeps his memories in it. Nilin - beautiful main character of Remember Me game - can steal the information from any chip, but one day someone else has stolen her memories. Now she is trying to return her life and identity and also punish her enemies for what they have done.


Remember Me is a combination of stealth, action and adventure. How tasty this cocktail will be, we will find out on the 4th of June.

Crysis 3 DLC ("The Lost Island")

The rumors about Crysis 3 DLC firstly appeared a few weeks ago, and all the fans of this series were waiting for some extremely long and interesting single-player campaign. Unfortunately, the upcoming Crysis 3 DLC is not so exciting, because it is only a multiplayer pack. But nevertheless, if you are tired of original Crysis 3 game, it is a good chance to try something new.

"The Lost Island" multiplayer pack will bring you to the bright tropical island, where you will be kicking aliens against the background of beautiful nature. This Crysis 3 DLC will be released tomorrow, on the 4th of June.


Marvel Heroes

If you are a fan of comics, then you will obviously like Marvel Heroes 2 game. Here you can try yourself in a role of any superhero from the Marvel universe, for example, Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk or many others. Moreover, it will take you nothing, because Marvel Heroes is the only one big June game release that is free-to-play.

This project is an MMO action-RPG, so here it will be very important to "create" your character and to boost his best abilities. Marvel Heroes game will be released on the 4th of June.

The Last of Us

One of the most anticipated projects of this year - The Last of Us - is coming to the shops on the 14th of June. This Playstation exclusive in the genre of survival horror is not only a game, it is a great story about people, who are trying to survive among mutated creatures and not to lose the human feelings in the dark post-apocalyptic world. You will be playing a role of a man and travel across the changed cities with a little but brave girl.


The Last of Us game will consists both of the shooting and melee battles and also of very comprehensive and various stealth-missions. After the game's release date the developers are promising to reveal several DLCs.

Company of Heroes 2

The best one from strategy June game releases is the Company of Heroes 2 game - a sequel to the famous project about World War II. This time you will lead the army of the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front. In Company of Heroes 2 game the developers implemented completely new engine that provides realistic graphics and weather system. Also only here you will be able to fight on foot, using different vehicles and even in the air.

Company of Heroes 2 starts on the 25th of June. This game is a PC-exclusive.


Deadpool game is kind of projects, in which you can feel yourself as a real superhero. But this time you will be a very bad and freaky superhero. And as always you will be fighting against hundreds of enemies, using your fists, swords and guns. Also in this third-person action there will be several other well-known characters, for example, Wolverine.

Deadpool release date is scheduled for the 25th of June. There will be Deadpool for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Which one from June game releases is the most interesting for you? Tell us in the comments below or write about another June game that is not in our list.