Sims 3: Supernatural

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Magic and miracles always attracted people, and probablyevery person once in his life has dreamed about magic power. The developersfrom Electronic Arts are sure that Sims are fond of witchery too, and that'swhy they added magic characters in the game. New 7-th add-on for Sims 3, thatwas released on the 4-th of September, contains a lot of charm and magic andreally leaves enchanting aftertaste.

As you probably remember, several magic personages havealready appeared in Sims 3 add-ons, but never before it was so easy andpleasantly to create and play with mystic creatures. To get started thesupernatural adventure, you need to make magic personage in Create-A-Sim. Inaddition to human race, vampire, werewolf, fairy, witch and ghost appearedhere, so if you want your Sim to have magic powers, you don't need to waituntil somebody turns you. Besides, you can adjust the appearance of new Simaccording to his race. For example, the witches' skin color can vary from greento golden, fairies have many-colored and diversiform wings and werewolves' bodyhair has a lot of customizable options.


Your supernatural Sim will also has some new characteristicsthat affect his or her career opportunities. To succeed in magic world, yourcharacter should be Supernatural Fan, meanwhile Supernatural Skeptic is afraidof witchcraft. Gatherer is successful in gardening, hunting insects, remeltingmetal and faceting precious stones. Night Owls like to stay in the bed late,and you have no chance to wake up this character before lunch.


But the basic difference between Sims starts from theirrace. Each race has specific skills and features, and you need to choose therace in Create-A-Sim. Also your Sim can be transformed to another race later,but you will need to satisfy several conditions.

Werewolves canhowl at the moon and transform to wolf or back to human. When the moon is full,they transform automatically, and in the daytime Sim can do it manually. Werewolfuses his ability to search rare items, that are very valuable in the game.


Vampires havealready appeared in the Sims world, but this time this completely new race willhave a lot of specific abilities and features. Using special elixir, vampire canprotect himself from the destroying sunlight power, and then even sunbathe withother Sims.


Withes are ableto conjure, make spells and poisons. They can easily turn another Sim intodisgusting frog, so it isn't recommended to play a joke on them. Also witch canplay the role of fortune-teller and cheat. Witches and wizards have specialvehicle - broom, so they can travel by air.


Fairy is abeautiful lady or handsome guy with transparent wings and the ability to fly. Fairieshave specific sense of humor, and can play jokes on any Sim in the game. Theirtricks also can have positive influence, because they are able to givedifferent fairy presents to their friends.


Zombies are notavailable in Create-A-Sim, but you can become one of them if you drink specialpoison or are bitten by another zombie. These creatures are fond of brains, andthey can't think about any other thing. They can attack Sims, but there aresome options how to protect your house from them.


Ghosts glow andlook like colored transparent shadows. You can adjust their death type, andaccording to this parameter their style and color will also change. If Sim diesa supernatural death, he becomes new ghost.


Also you can choose the normal race, and your Sim will behuman. But it is not exciting in this wondering and full of magic world.

All these supernatural Sims are living in Moonlight Falls -magnificent city with beautiful forests, rivers, waterfalls and ancientbuildings. There are a lot of old houses in the Moonlight Falls, so you willhave a chance to discover many new interesting and miraculous places. Well, themagic world of Supernatural edition has really mysterious scenery.


Magic and miracles happen, and if you missed the mystery inyour life, we advise you to add some to the Sims city. Hope you will enjoy thismagnificent edition and spend several magic moments with supernatural Sims.

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