November previews

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The autumn in 2012 is full of exciting game releases, and its last month also prepared for us plenty of various fascinating game. Which one are you waiting for?

Angry Birds Star Wars

After the great success of Bad Piggies the developers from Rovio again are ready to amaze their fans. The magnificent combination of Rovio's fun and Lucasfilm's drama - Angry Birds Star Wars game - is going to be released tomorrow, on the 8-th of November. Here we will be fighting on the side of Birds against the empire's armies of Piggies. Completely new puzzles, levels, heroes, opponents and abilities are waiting for gamers, so, we hope, this game will be really funny.


The developers disclosed several videos, that show the gameplay and new heroes. We found out that in Angry Birds Star Wars we will be able to play for Luke Skywalker and cut the opponents with lightsaber, attract the parts of Piggy's Death Star by magnet of Princess Leia, shoot every obstacle on your way with the gun of Han Solo and destroy enemies' walls by the power of Chewie.

The official trailer:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The definite hit of this November is the sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops, that is going to be released in a week. The ninth game of cult action series will consist of two story lines. The first one starts just after the events of the previous Black Ops game, and here we will be playing for Alex Mason. The developers promise that we will get the answers on questions, which were not disclosed in the first part of the game. The second story line takes place in the future, and its protagonist - David - is the son of Alex. The guys from Treyarch are sure that in future there will be plenty of fascinating and dangerous weapons, so in the game we will get really impressive arsenal.


The most important innovation of Black Ops 2 is new graphic engine - IW engine 3.0. This one provides beautiful realistic graphics and unprecedented performance. Also the developers added several new features to the multiplayer mode, and now you will be able to fight together with real people on eight brand-new maps.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be released on the 13-th of November, and now we can just enjoy its trailer to the music of AC/DC:

Hitman: Absolution

In Hitman: Absolution game, that will be released on the 20-th of November, the developers also used brand-new graphic engine - Glacier 2, which has been never used before. Together with updated graphics in fifth part of famous series we will get the open-ended structure and very tangled scenario. We know, that some decisions in the game will have an influence on the story line, and our protagonist will be involved in the next plot. The game has being developed since 2006, so we are sure that this project will be really incredible.


In several interviews the developers told, that the Hitman: Absolution will be much eerier and darker, and the scenario will become more dramatic than in previous games. Also it is known that Diana - Contract Agency handler from Hitman series - will be playing an important role in the story line.

The official trailer:

Lego The Lord of the Rings

The fans of action-adventure genre this month will be able to enjoy really funny and nice game with Lego-people and background, full of Lego-pieces. The story of Lego The Lord of the Rings game is based on the film trilogy of Peter Jackson, but the developers added the flavoring of humor to the game's scenario. You will be able to become the part of the battle for Middle-earth and use your brain trying to solve plenty of puzzles.


The game is cooperative, so almost in each scene there will be two or even more characters. So, you can invite your friend and play together, or try to pass the game solo, switching between heroes. In any case perfect humor, interesting characters, various tasks and pretty graphics will make the gaming process really exciting.


New Lego game will be available on the 23-rd of November, 2012, but now free download of Lego The Lord of the Rings demo is available on the official site.

The official trailer:

And many others...

On the 6-th of November the first continuation of Deponia game was released. Chaos on Deponia is a comic adventure game, in which Goal - the girlfriend of the game's protagonist - is suffering from split personality, and Rufus becomes much more delicate and romantic.


On the 13-th of November The Sims 3: Seasons addition will become available. Together with new seasons and specific weather, there will be new seasonal holidays, games, clothes and lot of other surprises. We would remind you that two months ago the game got another one addition, called The Sims 3: Supernatural.


On the 15-th of November Crusader Kings II will acquire the third after Sword of Islam and Legacy of Rome expansion, called Sunset Invasion. This one will be the first fantastic game, where you will be able to take part in the events that have been never happened. You will be trying to rule the European country in thirteenth century during the Aztecs aggression.