GTA 5 review

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Grand Theft Auto game series is a very special project, because it doesn't actually provides you with a game, but creates a real life inside your console. Sell your bicycle and turn off your phone. Forget about shops and people on the streets. Don't try to play tennis, hike or dive. Close the door of your room, switch the console on and plug into the real world with all these activities, which you have never liked in your own life.


The variety of things you can do in GTA 5 is incredible. You can play tennis or golf, drive the car, the helicopter or the plain, rob the bank, go shopping, dive and swim, fly, run, communicate, drink alcohol and so on. GTA 5 really creates a very unique and intensive world, full of everything you may wish to do in the game. Moreover, the map of this project is extremely huge, so you don't even know, what else is waiting for you around the corner.


Los Santos is very versatile and big. It seems that the whole America with its various cities and suburbs, oceans and rivers, buildings and people is reflected in the only one Los Santos. And we are talking not only about the landscapes and different activities your characters can do, but also about the politics, the economics and the cultural life. GTA 5 looks like the brilliant satire on the modern reality of America. And in the game the native country of the developers is described in very gloomy colors and it is full of vices and sins. Greedy, mean and covetous of power politics, drunk and aged celebrities, embittered and miserable people - all they create the heart of the Los Santos, the city, in which it is normal to be a criminal. This game is brutal and masculine, and the developers even gave the women only small roles in the project, while making the male rough humor the main part of GTA 5.


Each square kilometer of the city is unique and detailed. You won't find the same characters or the similar building around the city, and each piece of the environment is truly well-designed. Moreover, everything in the game is live and emotional. The city looks like the real world, and not the artificial virtual model. The difference between GTA 4 and GTA 5 is also very big, because almost every part of the game was redesigned and upgraded. The animation of the characters is especially better here than in the previous instalments, but also the plot, the dialogues and the activities are on the new level of quality. The system of checkpoints that works during the missions makes the game very usable. Besides, there is (almost) no bugs in the project and it is really cool for such a huge game.


We can praise GTA 5's open world for the endless time, but let's talk about the main part of the game - about the missions. As you may already know, here there are three main characters - Michael, Franklin and Trevor - and you can switch between them any time. Bringing three heroes instead of a single one was a great idea of Rockstar, because now the main character of GTA is not the all-in-one person, who plays bowling and kills people with the same facial expression. For each of these three characters there is the personal role in the game. Michael represents the fashionable life and is good for thought-out crimes, Franklin is a part of the low-level gangsterism and Trevor is just an insane freak that can murder a dozen of people at once. While you are exploring the open world of GTA 5, the switching between characters is represented by the Google Maps' themed zoom, and you can find your heroes in any part of the city doing their everyday activities. During the mission the switching is instant, and swapping between the guys you feel yourself like a film director, who is trying to find the best position of the camera, from which the scene of the crime looks in the most interesting way.


Some missions look a little bit insane, but nevertheless they all are very complicated and exciting. Each mission consists of many details and preparations, and on this step you can make your choices and change the game's plot. So you can walk through the certain mission for many times, and each time you will get a slightly different game. To complete all missions for the one time you need about 30 hours, and of course you will spend much more time in the game's open world.

In conclusion

Incredible. You obviously need to try.