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If you are a fan of GRID game series, then you know that yesterday - on the 24 June 2014, - its next instalment, entitled GRID Autosport, was released in NA. In Europe this game will be launched only in two days, but we have already managed to play it, so we are ready to share our impressions. So sit comfortably, read our GRID Autosport review and then decide, whether this racing simulator is worth your attention or not.

First of all, we would like to tell you that the new instalment has undergone lots of changes in comparison with GRID 2, about which the series’ developers have told us, but not all of them, unfortunately, have become successful. But let’s talk about everything in order.

So, we will begin with the pros of this project. It seems that Codemasters’ employees have finally paid attention to the feedbacks of franchise’s fans, who last year complained of not very good graphics, poorly realized damage and drive systems, because all these elements are much better in GRID Autosport. The graphics is normal (besides the cockpit view, about which we will talk a bit later), the car’s drive is chic and the damage mechanic of your vehicle is above all praises. Now, for example, your car can lose a bumper in a little accident, while in a big and serious one the body may be damaged, which will influence on the auto’s speed and your ability to drive it normally.


Another one successful moment, in our opinion, is an implementation of 5 new types of races - touring, street, open wheel, tuning, endurance ones, - each of which has its own features. For example, in the touring races you will have to overrun your opponents very quickly and purely, because in the terms of this discipline in the second turning the person who was the last one in the previous heat will start the first, and the winner, respectively, will be at the end of the turn. Each of the abovementioned disciplines will require you to have some specific skills and abilities and in the process of their acquisition you won’t be bored for sure.

Also it is noteworthy that the tracks and the decorations are drawn well, the function of team game in the multiplayer is implemented in a good way, and there are lots of different cars (more than 60) and circuits.


But our GRID Autosport review is not an ode to the new part of the racing simulator, and so now it’s time to describe the failed moments of the game.

First of all, let’s go back to the cockpit view. At the numerous series’ fans requests, the developers have returned it back to the game, but they have done it in the worse possible way. You can barely see the steering wheel, the tackles turn into something muzzy and the racer’s visibility scope is awfully narrow. Besides it, the normal tuning is also impossible. The only thing you can do to change the look of your car is to attach the sponsored stickers in a clearly designated places.


Such feature as the support of the engineer and your partner is also poorly implemented in GRID Autosport. You can’t get the necessary information, and sometimes they talk nonsense or some stupid hackneyed phrases.

But the most offensive thing is that the sense of speed and the real danger, which were inherent for two previous parts of the series and jangled the nerves, aren’t presented in new GRID Autosport.

In conclusion

We hope that our today’s GRID Autosport review has helped you to understand whether new Codemasters’ game is worth your attention or not. As for us, we can say that despite the many changes made by developers in a new part of the racing simulator, GRID Autosport couldn’t neither surprise us, because it was created from the content of two previous parts (that is boring), nor please. Our rate to this project is 7.5 points.

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