Next GRID Autosport DLC has already been released

Next GRID Autosport DLC has already been released by  3748 views

A bit more than a month ago, we told you about the future GRID Autosport add-ons and packs, which Codemasters company was preparing, and today we’d like to announce that one of them - Sprint Pack - has already been launched.

So, which nice items are included in the fresh GRID Autosport DLC? Let’s find out together. According to the official developers’ blog, the new GRID Autosport pack will provide us with 9 championships available for the single player mode, which will be held on 4 locations well-known for GRID 2 gamers.


Also, the fresh GRID Autosport DLC will rejoice the players with the new mode - Sprint, - in which the gamers will have to show the best time on the circuit. Each racer will have to accomplish a solo heat, and his main goal will be to demonstrate the fatest time and not to overrun the rivals during the race. The winner will be defined at the event’s end.

But that’s not all what the new GRID Autosport DLC will bring to us. Apart from everything mentioned above, Sprint pack will let you test new 24 tracks, which are situated in California, Cote d’Azur, Hong Kong and Okutama. The whole list of the circuits is available here. Also you will have a chance to get the new cool trophies thanks to the fresh achievements - Riviera Runaway, Golden Coast, King of the Hill and Pearl of the Orient.


This add-on is already available for the owners of PC and the current-gen consoles.