DmC: Devil May Cry review

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Devil May Cry series is a giant of modern gaming industry, that has enormous number of fans. Strong blond protagonist, convenient gameplay, interesting story and unique battles are the main signs of Devil May Cry, that helped this series to be on the top for 12 years. But even the best projects can't be popular for too many years. Without any changes, without fresh blood and new ideas the series will soon become a losing game. So the time of changes has come, and Ninja Theory got a privilege to reconstruct beautiful hack-and-slash Devil May Cry game.


But even the first thing, that was changed, led to wide response between fans. The developers cut the beautiful Dante's hair and made him brown-hair person! The developers betrayed our powerful and brave hero and replaced him with sweet modern emo-boy! The fans turned away from the new Devil May Cry game and cried looking at the poster of their favorite, but lost hero, even before the game was released. But now everything became clear, the game is out and we can see new "Emo-Dante" on the battlefield.


We'd like to remind you one important thing. New Devil May Cry game is not the next sequel to the original game. It is a reborn of the series, it is a brand-new game, that was developed by another company and has new... everything! And if we forget about the original story for only a few minutes, we will see not the ridiculous Dante with brown hair, but new fantastic and qualitative game, that opens new page in the history of Devil May Cry series. And this page is really awesome!


In DmC: Devil May Cry game Dante is half-demon, half-angel and also handsome reveller and seducer. He spends his time in night-clubs and lot of beautiful women go mad, when he appears. And the main antagonist - Mundus - is a demon, that tries to enslave the humanity using fizz. Well, the story in new Devil May Cry became very "western", and here you won't see the sophisticated scenario from Japanese developers, but who really cares, if you still can hack and slash terrible demons with Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory? Not we.


In DmC: Devil May Cry game our hero has two possible modes: angelic and demonic, and all our weapons can be divided in these two types. Dante-demon is very powerful, but a little bit slow. The Dante-angel is fast and can kick many enemies together, but his strokes are not so efficient. This system is very important here, so you will often switch between these modes to succeed in the Devil May Cry game. In console versions of the game it is easy to use various abilities of our character, but with keyboard-mouse control the game becomes much harder. So, if you have a choice, select controller to get more from Devil May Cry game. However the cut scenes in Devil May Cry for PC are better and they have 60 fps in comparison with 30 fps in console versions.


Devil May Cry game has an interesting feature: you don't have to just hack your opponents during the mission. You should always create a strategy of the battle. Sometimes it is better to be a demon on the battlefield, but in other cases angelic Dante is much more efficient.

In conclusion

Ninja Theory breathed fresh air into Devil May Cry game. The developers changed a lot, but with this changes they created completely new game, that surely will find its fans. Changes can be positive or negative, but without changes the project can't survive, and that's why we are sure, that this new stage in the history of Devil May Cry game is really important.

You can say, that DmC: Devil May Cry game lost its origins, you can say, that new Dante is absurd, but we recommend you to try this game first. Download Devil May Cry game for free or at its original cost and see that changes bring new life.