Diablo 3

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A long time ago Blizzard had realized one fact: if player looses a game - he will be upset, if the player is strongly upset he can even break hated game disc and run crying to complain to mommy and that is very bad for business. 
So Diablo 3 is designed to be as friendly to fragile child's mind as possible. Lovely cartoon graphics with blurry textures and colorful characters like from your favorite anime, even ponies* are included.

As some nerdy players have real difficulties in communicating (even on the Internet) the game mainly is designed for single, to fence players from envy and hatred of each other to avoid frustration at any costs**. Fear not of evil PK's, the only place in the game where PvP would be allowed - the Arena will not appear without few patches.
Anyone wins in Diablo 3! It is no longer possible to screw up a character with bad skills or characteristics build as the game violently throws them automatically. All skills work equally perfect saving a child from suffering hardships of choice.
Death does not take spoils in gold or experience in Diablo 3, in fact - just a good friendly slap is enough to make dead char alive and fully operational again, because the friendship - it's magic.
And the main recipe component for success - is the «Diablo» inscription on the cover, because it creates the illusion of being touched by the legend. 
So sit back and get ready for an exciting journey to Tristram, the tour operator Blizzard Entertainment reminds that you can always buy fresh armor and breathtaking weapons at the fixed rate.

* not exactly ponies, but unicorns do the job well.
** maybe eliminating the 'Error 37' could help more here?