December game releases

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The last month of the year is always full of joy, happiness and various discounts. Of course, the festive atmosphere will touch the gaming industry, which is ready to present lots of surprises to the faithful fans. And among the presents several pretty nice December game releases are coming.

Assassin's Creed Pirates

If you like the piratic atmosphere of the latest Assassin's Creed instalment, then we have great news for you. This month you will be able to explore the Caribbean islands and conquer the tropical winds, using your mobile device. Ubisoft has announced that Assassin's Creed Pirates mobile game will be released on the 5th of December.

In the mobile Assassin's Creed game you will be able to upgrade your pirate ship, hire the crew, discover the secrets of the Caribbean sea and find the enormous treasures. The weather will influence on your trip, but you, as a real pirate, will have to manage with these difficulties.

Gran Turismo 6

On the 6th of December the 15th instalment in the Gran Turismo series is coming. This racing simulator is the PS3 exclusive game and the most interesting part in the famous series.

In Gran Turismo 6, the racers will be able to explore numerous new tracks and drive hundreds of beautiful cars. Moreover, the developers have redesigned the user interface of the game, so now the play will be extremely interesting and convenient. The alternation of day and night with numerous effects and features is among the game's innovations too. Try it by yourself this month.

Angry Birds Go!

Free-to-play kart racing game from Rovio is coming this month too. Angry Birds Go! will hit the stores already on the 11th of December for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10. In this game you will be racing on the background of the beautiful 3D Piggy Island in the unique Rovio-styled cars. Each car has lots of upgrades, and each driver - a very angry bird, as you may have guessed, - special powers. Using them all, you will be able to win the round and the whole race.

However, there is a problem with the upgrades. As the first reviewers have reported, some cars and powers cost about $100 that is pretty much for the free-to-play title.

Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC

Battlefield 4 game was released last month, and its new add-ons are coming already in December. China Rising DLC will be available on the 3rd of December for the BF4 Premium members and a week later for all other game's fans. This add-on will bring 4 new maps, several weapons and vehicles.

The other Battlefield 4 DLC - Second Assault - will also hit the stores on the 3rd of December. Now this add-on is available for Xbox One owners with BF4 Premium subscription, and from the 3rd of December every Xbox One gamer will be able to buy it. We would like to remind you that Second Assault DLC brings several well-known BF3 maps to the latest version of this shooter.


GTA San Andreas

One of the most popular GTA instalment is coming to mobile platforms. This month GTA San Andreas will be released for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Amazon Kindle devices. The mobile version of the popular game will get the remastered graphics with contrast shadows and beautiful colors, upgraded control and checkpoint systems. The exact GTA San Andreas release date remains unknown, but the developers have promised to inform us in the short run.


The Walking Dead: Season Two

The mysterious continuation of The Walking Dead game, which is being under development about a year, will be released already this month. In the first episode of the second season we will meet Clementine - the protagonist of this game - and Omid - recently confirmed character of The Walking Dead: Season Two.

The Walking Dead is an adventure game, in which each your decision influences on the plot. The first season of the project became the best adventure game of the last year, and we are sure that Season Two will also bring a lot of fun.


Which one of the December game releases is the most anticipated for you? Have we missed something? Your comments are welcomed at the bottom of the page.