Will GRID 3 game be announced soon?

Will GRID 3 game be announced soon? by  4956 views

The great news for the fans of the racing simulator GRID! It seems that already in a couple of days a new game from Codemasters company will be announced.

Yesterday, the developer of GRID series published a short teaser on the official project’s video channel in Youtube. The fresh video, entitled Brace Yourselves...Racing is Coming, tells us that some very important event (allegedly the announce of the new game in the genre of racing simulator) will take place very soon - on the 22nd of April (22.4.14). And taking into consideration the facts that previously there were the rumors about the development of GRID 3 game, and the teaser was published on the official video channel of this series, it is quite reasonable to suggest that the new project, wich will be announced next Tuesday, is GRID 3 game. 

But that’s not all. In the official project’s account in Twitter the fans have supposed which cars will appear in the new racing simulator. Thus, the first car from the video below sounds for them  like a simple touring car (from the 2nd to 5th second), and at 0:07 we can hear how the 3rd car, which has turned to be a Pagani Zonda R sportcar (again allegedly), sounds like. It is really intriguing, isn’t it?