Week’s game news digest

Week’s game news digest by  6169 views

The last Friday of 2014 has already come, and we as always would like to sum up the last week of this year and tell you the hottest movie and game news, which took place during last 5 days. So sit comfortably in front of your computer and start reading our digest, it will be interesting!

Is The Last of Us 2 game in works? (rumor)

This week has begun with really hot rumors about the next instalment in The Last of Us franchise. Go to the full article to get to know the reason of such interesting rumors and whether they are trustworthy or not.

The first Far Cry 4 DLC and the new hint at the next game

The current week has been also quite informative for the fans of Far Cry shooter series. Thus, firstly, the developers announced the upcoming Far Cry 4 DLC, and a bit later Alex Hutchinson - the creative director of many projects in Ubisoft - hinted at the next game in this franchise. Follow the link above to learn more details.


New CoD: Advanced Warfare trailer and update are out now

Our today’s game news digest wouldn’t be full without interesting information about the recently released part in Call of Duty series. Go to the full article in order to get to know, which improvements are included in the latest CoD: Advanced Warfare update, and watch the project’s new trailer.

Ubisoft has launched the fresh Assassin’s Creed Pirates update

Not only CoD: Advanced Warfare game has got a new update this week. The employees of Ubisoft have also decided to rejoice the fans of Assassin’s Creed Pirates, having launched the quite interesting patch. Click on the link above to learn more information about the exciting content of this project’s fresh update.


Norman Reedus has answered the questions about Silent Hills game

Those who like games developed in survival horror genre will be pleased with the new information about Silent Hills. Go to the full article if you want to know when the project will be launched and be aware of game’s other interesting details.

Latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection update has added the new content

The game news of this week have also been refilled with the information about the fresh Halo: The Master Chief Collection update and about the compensation, which will be given to all players who faced the multiple technical problems at the edition’s launch. If you are interested in the content of the new patch and would like to know, which bonus will be offered to you, then click on the link above.

The Walking Dead spin-off has got the main actress (Movie)

As you know, our digest often contains not only the game news but also the movie ones. Just a few days ago, the really interesting and intriguing information about The Walking Dead spin-off appeared online. Go to the full article in order to learn the name of the actress who will play the main female role in the forthcoming motion picture as well as get to know the release date of the first episode and the plot of this spin-off.

The most anticipated games of 2015

And since the new 2015 will begin already in a few days, GameSpace team has decided to rejoice not only the real gamers but also the cinephiles. Thus, having followed the link above, you’ll get to know, which interesting games will be launched the next year, and having clicked on this link, you will familiarise with the list of the most anticipated movies of 2015. 

And the final point in our digest is the selection of the most exciting videos, which have been published during past 5 days. Today, we’d like to pay your attention to the Resident Evil: Revelations 2 cinematic video, the new In the Heart of the Sea trailer, Naughty Dog documentary and fresh AC Unity reels.