Week’s game news digest

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Before we’ll begin our traditional week’s game news digest, we’d like to offer the congratulations to all our readers on Saint Nicholas' Day and wish you the happiness, lots of smiles and many  joyful and peaceful days. And now, as always, we will tell you about the most exciting events, which took place in the gaming industry during past 5 days.

Fresh rumors about the upcoming GTA V DLC - Heists

This week has begun with the hot and incredibly interesting rumors about the anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 addon titled Heists. If you want to know which cool content this upcoming expansion will bring to the game, then go to the full article.

Also, the franchise’s developers have shared the information about the new festive GTA Online update, which has rejoiced the gamers with a lot of exciting items, more about which you will be able to get to know having followed this link.


The fourth AC Unity update has been delayed

Another two game news of the current week concern the recently released AC Unity. Firstly, the employees of Ubisoft announced that the game’s fourth patch would be launched a bit later, and already the following day they released it and surprised the players with the huge size of the project’s update. Click on the appropriate links to learn the reason of the delay and the content of the patch as well as get to know why it’s so big.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 game is announced

This week we have been also rejoiced with the good news from City Interactive studio, who has announced the next instalment in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior shooter series. Go to the full article to get to know the project’s release date, its setting and read about the professionals, who are involved in the work on the game.

Another The Sims 4 update is out

Our today’s game news digest isn’t full without the exciting news about the recently released The Sims 4 game. Thus, the developers have told about the fresh information about the game’s new update, while the other sources have revealed the details about the first big and really interesting The Sims 4 add-on titled Outdoor Retreat Game Pack. The more detailed information is available in the full article.


Is Far Cry 5 game in works?

If you are a fan of Far Cry game series, then you should follow the link above in order to get to know that the next project in this franchise -  Far Cry 5 - has already been being developed and read the first details about the upcoming shooter.

The Lords of the Fallen sequel and mobile versions are being developed

And the final information, which we’d like to include in our today’s game news digest, concerns Lords of the Fallen franchise. Click on the link above to learn the details about the second game in the series, the future release of Lords of the Fallen on iOS and Android as well as the launch date of the project’s first add-on.

As always, we finish our digest with the selection of the most interesting videos of the past five days. This time, we offer you to watch two intriguing Dying Light reels, the first scary Until Dawn and Life Is Strange trailers and new GTA Online video. Enjoy!