Week’s game news digest

Week’s game news digest by  6325 views

The first month of the new 2014 has almost ended, and it means that we are ready to summarize its last week, telling you the most interesting game news of the past five days. So sit back in front of your computer and start reading our digest, it will be interesting.

GTA: San Andreas is already available on Windows 8!

It has become traditionally that almost each our week’s game news digest includes some fresh information about the incredibly popular game series - GTA. And today’s one isn’t an exception. Earlier this week the version of GTA: San Andreas for Windows Phone was finally released, but developers told some very important remarks. We strongly recommend you to read them to make sure that the project will run on your smartphone.

Will the Halo TV series be directed by Neill Blomkamp?

This week has been also marked with two interesting news about the Halo series. On Monday, we learned who, according to the rumors, may become a director of Halo TV series, and on Thursday we told you the supposed release date, platform of the upcoming Halo 2: Anniversary, as well as bonuses to those who would buy it.

Titanfall beta for PC and Xbox One is confirmed

This week has been also rich in the information about a new project in the genre of sci-fi shooter - Titanfall. First of all, we received an official confirmation of the game’s beta for PC and Xbox One, and the next day the developers announced their intention to create a lot of additional content for the project.


Irrational Games has presented new BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea trailer

One of the most popular shooters - BioShock Infinite - will get a second episode of its huge Burial at Sea DLC soon, and so the developers have decided to show what awaits us in this add-on and published the fresh trailer. If you want to watch this video, then click on the link above.

The Elder Scrolls Online: PS4 players won’t have to buy a PS Plus membership

Not only the Halo series and Titanfall game have been in the top of the week’s game news, but an upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online has been presented there too. On Wednesday, its developers told that game’s PS4 version will not require a special PS Plus subscription, and the next day we informed you about the collector's edition of the project and its fresh trailer. More information can be learned from full articles, so click on the links above.


Fresh Need for Speed ​​trailer teaches the extreme driving (Movie)

And the last thing that we would like to include in our week’s game news digest concerns the fresh trailer from the creators of upcoming Need for Speed blockbuster. Get to know what this video teaches and who its star is. You will like it, we are sure!