Week’s game news digest

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Another week has almost ended, and it means that it's time to present you our weekly column, entitled Week’s game news digest. Today's digest includes the most interesting and exciting gaming news, which occurred in the period from 20 to 25 January. And do not forget, if you are interested in some news, then click on the link and you'll go to the full article.

Star Wars: Episode VII script has been finally finished (Movie)

This week has been extremely rich in news from the motion picture industry. On Monday it became known that the script of the antcipated Star Wars: Episode VII  movie was finally over. And closer to the end of the week we learned when the shooting of the project would begin, as well as which actors, involved in the filming of other franchise’s parts, would appear in the new movie.

In addition, we have got to known that the shooting of another fantasy project - World of Warcraft film - has already begun, and Assassin's Creed film has finally got its director.


Alien: Isolation game has got fresh screenshots

The publisher of another upcoming project in the genre of survival horror with elements of stealth and shooter - Alien: Isolation - does not waste its time too. While the developers are working on the creation of the game, Sega is promoting the project, introducing more and more new details. This time we have been demonstrated fresh game’s screenshots, at which you can look, clicking on the link above. 


Thief system requirements are presented

Are you a fan of Thief game series and waiting for its next instalment for PC? Then you should definitely take a look at the official Thief 4 system requirements, which have been presented by the project’s developers. Read the article to be sure that the game will run fine on your PC.

The Fable Trilogy release date has been announced

This week the collection of the games from Fable series for Xbox 360 - Fable Trilogy - has got its release date. If you want to know, which games will be included in this compilation and when it will be launched, then click on the link above.

New GTA Online jobs, created by players, are presented

As always our week’s game news digest doesn’t come without some fresh information about GTA. This time we hasten to please you with a message that GTA Online has got 10 new jobs, created by players and approved by Rockstar’s employees. Their titles, main objectives and locations are available in the full article.

The Witcher 3 news: 8 details that you didn't know

We haven’t heard anything new about the upcoming The Witcher 3 game for a long time. But now we are glad to fix it, telling you eight very interesting things about this project, which developers of The Witcher game series have shared. Be sure you will like these facts.

Well, the last thing we would like to include in our week’s game news digest, is Assassin's Creed Liberation HD review. Find out what the pros and cons of this project are, whether it has an improved graphics or not, as well as which new things have appeared here. 

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