Week’s game news digest

Week’s game news digest by  5637 views

Another work week has almost ended, and it means that we have prepared for you (as always) the selection of the most interesting game news that took place in the period from 13 to 17 January. So sit back, read and, if you are interested in some particular news, click on the link and go to the full article.

New GTA 5 update has been released

Almost traditionally our week’s game news digest includes some fresh information about GTA game series. On Monday, we told you about the release of a fresh GTA 5 update, and yesterday we reported about the measures which game’s developers are going to take (and have already taken) in the fight against the cheaters.

SimCity offline mode was announced, modding rules were published

A fantastic news for SimCity fans! The developers of this city building game have finally announced that the project will soon get the offline mode, which will be released along with the tenth game’s update. Maxis has also told new rules for modders, which are detailed in the full article.

New rumors about the Batman vs. Superman cast (movie)

Upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie gathers a lot of rumors. Not so long ago we reported about a possible participation of Jason Momoa in the film (as it turned out, it was just someone's speculation), and now we want to share a new portion of the rumors, according to which Josh Holloway can play a role of Aquaman. More information about it you can learn from the full article. 


New Saints Row 4 add-on has been released (screenshots)

The developers of Saints Row game series continue to amaze their fans. This time they have released a new add-on called Stone Age Pack, which takes players to the prehistoric times and provides them some means of that time: the clothes made of animal pelts, a big bone as a weapon and an interesting vehicle.


Need for Speed trailer shows how to create a muscle car (movie)

The creators of Need for Speed movie do not give us a chance to forget about their upcoming blockbuster, reporting all new and new information about it. A few days ago they published a fresh Need for Speed trailer, which shows how difficult it is to create a real sportcar for the future film. The video is available in the news.


Assassin's Creed Liberation HD game has got its launch trailer

This week isn’t full without game news about the assassin’s series. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD has been finally released, and, as it was expected, has got its launch trailer. New video tells us the story of the protagonist - Aveline de Grandpré - and also briefly reports about the changes that await you in the improved game.

Hitman: new game is coming?

The creators of Hitman game series - IO Interactive - have reported that they are preparing a new instalment in this franchise. They have revealed some information about the plot of the future project, its engine and features that you can find out by clicking on the link above.

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