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Another month of autumn, quite rich in various video game announcements and news about upcoming projects, has ended, and we are ready to present you the most interesting and exciting ones that have taken place this week. So sit back in front of your computer, read and click on those gaming news that you will find the most interesting.

New Call of Duty: Ghosts mode with aliens?

At the beginning of the week the rumors about a new cooperative mode of CoD: Ghosts game that is called "Extinction" have appeared in the network. According to the multiple sources, this mode will allow players to kill a lot of aliens. If it’s the truth or not, you can get to know from the full article, which you can read by clicking on the link above.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game has got the distributor and fresh screenshots

Although The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game will be released only in the second half of the next year, the developers do not leave us without an interesting information about this great RPG. This week they have told who will distribute the game in Europe, and also shown a number of very colorful screenshots that in addition to the picturesque locations depicted on them, show the effect of the new game’s graphics engine RED Engine. Check it out!


Has World of Warcraft film got its first actor?

The film based on the universe of World of Warcraft, which has already been spoken for a long time, has finally started to gain momentum. So, this week the name of the person who will play  the starring role in the future World of Warcraft movie has become known. This young, but we hope a talented actor is Travis Fimmel.


Fresh Need for Speed: Rivals trailer is published

One of the gaming news of this week concerns one of the most popular racing games - Need for Speed. The developers of the new instalment of this game series - Need for Speed: Rivals - have published a fresh quite interesting trailer that is called "Ultimate Cars, Speed ​​and Rivalry" Do you want to know what it is talking about? Click on the link above.

Battlefield 4 launch trailer and information about the game’s installation on Xbox 360

Battlefield 4 game has finally been launched, and in order to celebrate this event EA has released Battlefield 4 trailer, showing us a lot of explosions, shootings and vehicles. In addition DICE’s employees have told how to install the game on Xbox 360 in order you will not have any bugs. Read their recommendations in our full article.

Two new Saints Row 4 DLCs are released

It looks like the developers of Saints Row 4 game will not stop ever. They have pleased the fans of their a little crazy action-adventure with two small add-ons that offer us new superhero costumes, weapons and strategic guide of the game. So, if you like this project, go on Steam!


Dead Rising 3 game has got new video and Season Pass

Have you celebrated Halloween this week? No? In vain because the developers of the upcoming project in the genre of survival horror - Dead Rising 3 - have offered a very original, but pretty bloody way to celebrate Halloween in the new game’s video. What does this way look like? Follow the link above and watch.

Capcom company has also announced Dead Rising 3 Season Pass, details of which you can also learn in the full article.

We would also like to advise to read our review of "November game releases" to those who do not know or have forgotten what interesting projects and for what platforms will be released this month. Enjoy and do not forget to leave your comments at the bottom of the page.