Week's game news digest

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Autumn is a time of numerous game releases, and the week of September, 16 wasn't the exclusion. Last days were full of interesting events, and if you have missed some of them, you can find the most exciting ones here, in our exclusive week's game news digest.

GTA 5 review

The main event of this week is the launch of GTA 5 - the most anticipated this year's game. We prepared for you many interesting information about this fantastic project: our full-fledged GTA 5 review, the bunch of screenshots, videos and the game's cheats and the set of the most mysterious GTA 5 Easter Eggs. To find out more, follow the links above.


Battlefield 4 beta and gameplay videos

This week the release date of Battlefield 4 beta has been officially announced. Also a lot of different gameplay videos have appeared in the network. And a little bit later the developers decided to publish the official Battlefield 4 trailer that shows the features of the game's multiplayer mode.

Konami presented PES 2014 multiplayer mode and TV ad (video)

At the end of the week PES 2014 was released. To celebrate this event the developers published brilliant game's TV ad and another one trailer that demonstrates the multiplayer mode of this football simulator. And on Monday Konami showed the Edit Mode - the feature that allows customization of the footballers.


GATV and Wild West Saints Row 4 DLCs were announced

This week the Saints Row 4 game has got two new add-ons that allow you to customize the characters. One of them brings the Gat's costumes and haircuts, and another DLC transforms the protagonist into the cowboy.

PS4 exclusive Deep Down game got new screenshots

Deep Down game was announced in February, but this week the developers have presented new fantastic Deep Down screenshots. To find out more about this online project and to look at its stunning pictures, follow the link above.


New Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots were presented

Some new Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots appeared in the network at the end of the week. These colorful pictures demonstrate the characters that will be featured in the game's multiplayer mode.

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