Week's game news digest

Week's game news digest by  9600 views

The first week of September, which brought a lot of game releases and other interesting news from the world of video games, is coming to the end and we, as always, are ready to present you the most exciting of them briefly. So do not forget, if you are interested in any news, then click on its title and go to the full article.

Call of Duty: Ghosts game will get Double XP Launch Weekend

The developers of Call of Duty game series are generous with the announcements this week. Thus, in the beginning of the week they reported that in the first weekend after the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts game the players will be able to get the doubled experience and scores for their multiplayer character, and today they have announced the release of its new project - Call of Duty: Strike Team, developed for mobile iOS devices.


New FIFA 14 trailer is published

There are a lot of hypes around the most realistic modern simulatir of football - FIFA 14. This time we are talking about the transfer of the famous footballer  - Gareth Bale - to the Spanish Real Madrid club. To celebrate this milestone, the game's developers have published a short FIFA 14 trailer, in which Gareth Bale appears among the players of his new team.

Fresh GTA 5 screenshots and new information about the project

Earlier this week, Rockstar Games presented one of the most emblematic cars in GTA game series - Bravado Banshee - and promised to give its real prototype to one of the game’s fans, and closer to the end of the week the developers demonstrated fresh GTA 5 screenshots and shared the most intriguing details about the project. Which ones? - Click on the link, go to the article and read.


Free Grid 2 DLC is already available

Codemasters company clearly does not want to be like other developers, so we shouldn’t be probably surprised by its new free Grid 2 DLC, which called "Demolition Derby". This add-on includes another one game’s mode, a new car - Jupiter Eagleray Mk5 - and 2 tracks. This pack is already available for PC and Xbox 360 owners.


Xbox One release date is revealed

Microsoft has finally officially announced, when its next-generation console - Xbox One - will be released and which countries will get it first. To find out when Xbox One release date will take place and whether your country is in the list of the lucky ones who will get it or not, click on the link above.

New Watch Dogs gameplay video is published

Ubisoft always delights us with high quality of its projects, among which is the upcoming Watch Dogs - the new rival of GTA. In order we do not forget about it, the publisher has released a new and interesting (and of course, commented ) Watch Dogs gameplay video, which you can watch by clicking on the link.

But our week's game news digest isn't full without september game releases review. So if you are interested in what projects will be finished in this month, then you should click on the link.