Week's Game News Digest

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The last week of winter brought the revival of gaming industry, so a lot of exciting news, interesting rumors, beautiful video trailers and awesome releases appeared during the last seven days. We'd like to offer you the list of most interesting gaming events that have happened since 25th of February.

Crysis 3 game review

Crysis 3 game was released last week, and on Monday our editorial staff published comprehensive Crysis 3 review. From this article you can get to know, why graphics in the game is considered to be the best in comparison with other shooters' one, which weapon you should use to kill the enemies and even how to download Crysis 3 for free.


SimCity video was published

Electronic Arts is preparing for the SimCity release date and to warm up the game's fans they published funny and interesting SimCity trailer. This commercial tells about the main opportunities of the game and is going to be broadcasting on TV.


Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag setting was revealed

Assassin's Creed4: Black Flag - the next game in this famous and popular series - will tell us about pirates, ships, Caribbean sea and brave sailors. The developers have accidentally revealed first screenshots, poster and map of the future game, so now we know the exact Assassin's Creed 4 setting.

Probable Xbox 720 release date 

While PlayStation 4 was already presented to gamers, the world is waiting for the second new generation console - Xbox 720. But still Microsoft hasn't announced even the Xbox 720 release date. Some rumors about this "Day X" appeared this week.


MYO: controller of future

PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 are the consoles of our nearest future, but the distant future of gaming industry may be completely different. This week small Canadian company released interesting device that allows managing digital devices by the wave of hand, and this gadget can become the controller of future.

Borderland 2 DLC was announced

Gearbox Software is working on new big story Borderlands 2 DLC. The developers are trying to keep its details in secret, but they promised to increase the main campaign and add new hero in the battle. The owners of game's Season Pass will be able to download Borderlands 2 DLC for free.

Remember Me release date was announced

Remember Me game - interesting project from Capcom - finally got the release date. The game will be available in June, 2013 for PC and console gamers. Together with Remember Me release date the developers also revealed new game's story trailer.


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