Watch Dogs release date is rumored

Watch Dogs release date is rumored by  2582 views

After Watch Dogs release date was delayed until 2014, Ubisoft hasn't stated anything exact about the game's launch. However, it seems that European retailer has some information about the upcoming action-adventure. Yesterday, new rumors about Watch Dogs release date appeared in the network.

Fresh news is coming from the Portuguese retailer - Fnac. The portal has posted the game's description and pre-order details together with Watch Dogs release date that hasn't been officially confirmed. According to Fnac, one of the most anticipated this year's games is coming on the 30th of April for PC and consoles.


Frankly speaking, this Watch Dogs release date looks a little bit strange, because it is Wednesday, but usually games are launched on Fridays in Europe. However, the retailer has stated that the 30th of April is a shipping date, so maybe, the game itself will be launched a little bit earlier - on the 25th of April. Nevertheless, it seems that Watch Dogs release date is not far off.

Meanwhile, a few days ago another rumor exploded Internet. According to several game news sites, Ubisoft has abandoned Watch Dogs trademark. Today we would like to calm the faithful fans - the company has announced that it was a fraud, and so the developers are still working on their action-adventure.

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