Valve will present five Xi3 Piston to the random Steam users!

Valve will present five Xi3 Piston to the random Steam users! by  3504 views
Despite a lot of obviously comic news about games, starting from HL3 release and finishing with announcement GTA 5 on PC, which you can see all over the Internet, Valve decided to make an lottery event and to hand out five Xi3 Piston consoles.

The fact is that these mini-PC were originally developed by Valve specifically to work with Steam, and in particular Big Picture. In order to spread up the product and to speed the monopolization, Gabe Newell announced a small contest where five happy owners of the new Xi3 Piston will be selected!

"You have been asking me about HL3 or some info about it, but, alas,the series development stopped permanently. And to be sure that you are not disappointed in Us, the marketing department asked me to organize a holiday campaign",- said Gabe Newell.

Unfortunately, you have to have at least one game bought in 2013 in Steam. In any case, investing a couple of dollars for the purchase of a small indie project you can pay off if you become a winner! You can find the official event rules and other details in the link below. Hurry up to win!

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