Ubisoft has published the new Watch Dogs trailer

Ubisoft has published the new Watch Dogs trailer by  4784 views

The game’s developer - Ubisoft company - has presented to the users the new totally amazing Watch Dogs trailer and also has shared some fresh information about the upcoming action’s content.

So, this new 4-minute long Watch Dogs trailer is a sort of excursion through the game’s version of the busy american city - Chicago, - in which this action-adventure will be set. The video looks very impressive. This Watch Dogs trailer shows that the developers have done a lot of good work to make the virtual world similar to the real one.

Besides that, the Watch Dogs trailer reveals some new details of the action. Thus, for example, the game will include about three thousand different kits for the main heroes, which can be combined in the various ways to create new looks.

Also during the gameplay the users will see many non-player characters that may be hacked. Their amount on the Chicago streets will depend on the time of day.

By the way, the alternation of day and night, the weather changing (the sun, the fog, the rain and even the storm) and the variation of the population amount in the different city districts are also some of the novelties, implemented by the developers.

But there’s more to come. 75 additional vehicles, from the bikes to the Premium and sport cars, will appear in the action.

Let us remind you that one of the most anticipated games of 2014 is to be launched on PC, the current and next-gen consoles, in May.

Did you like the new Watch Dogs trailer? What do you think about such novelties in the game?