Two fresh Battlefield 4 videos tell about the maps from the upcoming game’s DLC

Two fresh Battlefield 4 videos tell about the maps from the upcoming game’s DLC by  2250 views

If you remember, we have recently told you the first information about two upcoming Battlefield 4 DLCs - Second Assault and China Rising, and already now we are ready to share new details about one of them.

Thus, during the past few days two Battlefield 4 videos, which tell us fresh information about the upcoming game’s add-on - Second Assault, appeared in the network. In the first Battlefield 4 video the representant of EA UK has interviewed Patrick Bach - executive producer of BF4 - in order to get to know as much about this DLC as possible. During the conversation Patrick has told that the maps, offered in the new add-on, are the most popular ones among the game’s fans, but in this DLC they are remade, new Levolution feature is added, they will be dynamic (as all Battlefield 4 maps), and also all project’s modes, presented in this instalment of the popular shooter, will be available for the game on all 4 maps of Second Assault, and Capture the Flag mode (loved by many players) from Battlefield 3: End Game will be returned. It should be interesting.

Second Battlefield 4 video tells us about one of the upcoming add-on’s map - Operation Metro.  The first thing we see here, compared to the maps of the previous game’s instalment, is an incredibly good graphics and dynamic, allowing you to see how the grass burns, the smoke (it will be able to help you to hide, for example) and feel the burns when you contact with it too close. Also here you will be able to explore more than thirty locations, to use a lot of vehicles and enjoy the destructions made by you (thanks to a stunning Levolution feature). What else you will be able to do in this Battlefield 4 DLC and particularly on this map, watch in the video below.

This add-on will be released on the 22nd of November.

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